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Entrepreneurship and Corporate Milestone

The journey of our success and achievements of our founder, Dr. Jenny Goh:

  1. 2017

    Graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in June. Continued to pursue a second PhD in TCM (Chinese Medicine) with a focus on cancer, stroke, dietetics and cardiovascular disease.

  2. 2016

    Awarded the Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2016, a testament to our clients' satisfaction and confidence in our services.

  3. 2015

    One of my medical articles was published in the Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture Moxibution. It was entitled ‘Observation of the Efficacy of Electroacupunture plus Weak Laser Fat Dissolution Technique in Treating Female Patients with Simple Obesity and Overweight of Stomach Heat Dampness Stagnation Type’ (DOI:10.13460/J.ISSN.1005-0957.2015.09.0852)

  4. 2014

    Graduated with Master of Medicine Degree in Acupuncture at the Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine.

    Began undertaking Phd in Acupuncture specialising in hormones, stroke, cancer, cardiovascular and skin disease.

  5. 2013

    Expanded current premises from one shop lot to two shop lots to accommodate our growing business.

  6. 2012

    Invited by Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine to give a speech to students at a Beauty Seminar.

  7. 2011

    Pursued a Master of Medicine Degree in Acupuncture at the Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine specialising in skin disease, obesity, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

    Awarded the Asia Success Award for Outstanding Leader of TCM Acupuncture Medicine in Beauty Industry.

    Also Honoured with the Asia Success Award for the Best Beauty Salon for Eastern Acupuncture with Western Modern Technology.

  8. 2008

    Doux Visage® was converted from a beauty salon to a clinic and moved from its 3rd floor premises to the ground floor.

  9. 2006

    The salon was incorporated as Doux Visage® Sdn Bhd, the first and only clinic in Malaysia that utilises a fusion of Eastern and Western methodology and technology.

  10. 2004

    Graduate from Traditional Chinese Medicine College.

  11. 2002

    Founded Doux Visage® Clinique, a beauty and slimming salon offering treatments mainly for skin and simple obesity conditions with a view to evolve into a centre for overall wellbeing.

  12. 1996

    Graduated from beauty school.

  13. 1995

    Attended beauty school.

Our Success Stories

Other than the featured success stories, we have many other satisfied clients who have benefited greatly from our treatments. However, due to privacy reasons, not all of their experiences are shared here.

Create your own success story with us starting from the moment you walk in for a consultation.

Ms Robin Martin

Tailored-made Health Treatment

The last few years, I found that when I looked at pictures of myself, it seemed like one eye was smaller than the other, and it was getting worse and worse. I was also tired and just felt grey.

Ms Lee Sze Wei

Tailored-made Fertility and Slimming Treatment

Thank you to Dr. Jenny Goh and the lovely ladies from DOUX VISAGE® who has been with me throughout my journey with them. The recommended Tailored Made Treatments...

Ms Mah

Specialized Acne Treatment

I had Grade 5 acne because I used the wrong products and I also had very dehydrated skin that was peeling. After 3 treatments at DOUX VISAGE®, my skin cleared up and...