Other than the featured success stories, we have many other satisfied clients who have benefited greatly from our treatments. However, due to privacy reasons, not all of their experiences are shared here.

Create your own success story with us starting from the moment you walk in for a consultation.

"I had patchy skin rashes that made me so self-conscious. I had a difficult time as my skin was dry and the rashes made my skin itch. I tried all types and brands of skincare in an effort to take care of my skin at home, but nothing worked. Then I found out about Doux Visage and decided to seek treatment. I was amazed at the difference I saw within just one week of undergoing my individualised treatment plan. I am so happy I made the decision to seek help at Doux Visage. A big thank you to Dr Jenny and the friendly staff."

Quick Results for Rashes Skin Condition

"Thank you to Dr. Jenny Goh and the lovely ladies from DOUX VISAGE who has been with me throughout my journey with them. The recommended Tailored Made Treatments from DOUX VISAGE (including the Medical grade Womb Care Treatment) not only helped me improve my overall health, losing my post pregnancy fats after my 1st born but have also blessed me with the arrival of my 2nd son after a long period of trial. The rate of recovery after my 2nd delivery have also been faster and a lot easier compared to my 1st. Thanks again ladies for your continuous support, care and advices throughout my journey with DOUX VISAGE."

Tailored-made Fertility and Slimming Treatment
Ms Lee Sze Wei

"The last few years, I found that when I looked at pictures of myself, it seemed like one eye was smaller than the other, and it was getting worse and worse. I was also tired and just felt grey.

Since I started seeing Jenny, I feel much stronger and more energized, and now I see photos of myself and my eyes are huge and blue and beautiful and balanced again. I can't say enough about the strength and peace that Jenny has brought back to me through her caring, professional treatments. I've been a long-time fan of acupuncture, and I continue to learn and heal with every visit."

Tailored-made Health Treatment
Ms Robin Martin

"My skin is now clear!

I had Grade 5 acne because I used the wrong products and I also had very dehydrated skin that was peeling. After 3 treatments at DOUX VISAGE, my skin cleared up and I am so grateful!"

Specialized Acne Treatment
Ms Mah

"I look younger and feel more confident!

I used to have deep wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. After treatment, I look much younger and I've managed to maintain the results by using the right products. My friends and family members have noticed a big difference!"


Madam Cheong underwent a combination of Specialized Face Toning Treatment combine with Hydro-microdermabrasion. She has deep wrinkles around eye area and around mouth. She looks drastically younger after the treatment, in fact she maintained her skin condition well with the ideal product recommendation from DOUX VISAGE.

Specialized Face Toning Treatment
Madam Cheong Pik Noi

"I'm still slim after 3 years!

I tried the slimming program three years ago and I've managed to maintain the weight I lost. My measurements today are the same as three years ago after I lost weight! After the acupuncture slimming treatment, I had less backaches and headaches and could sleep better at night. All my friends say I look younger!"

Eastern & Western Slimming Treatment
Ms Wong

"My friends say I look great!

I had prominent pigmentation on both my cheeks. After treatment, my pigmentation has lightened and my wrinkles are less prominent! All my friends say I look great and I feel more confident because my skin looks younger and clearer."


Madam Tan have prominent pigmentation on both checks. She underwent Specialized Pigmentation Treatment and Hydro-microdermabrasion to further lighten the pigmentation with proper product usage. She now looks younger with clearer skin compare to before.

Hydro Microdermabrasion
Madam Tan

Doux Visage offers hormonal treatments to women wanting to become mothers. The increasing number of cheerful mothers that come to visit us are a testimony of our quality services.

Mothers-to-be Hormonal Treatment
No Name