How Does Diet Impact TCM Fertility Treatment


How Does Diet Impact TCM Fertility Treatment

Fertility, a delicate balance of several factors, is greatly influenced by the food we feed our bodies. From the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), eating is more than just food for survival; it is a critical factor in determining the body's balance and health.

Food and pregnancy go hand in hand, and this becomes more apparent as we learn more about TCM Fertility Treatment. Join us as we explore how mindful nourishment promotes balance, energy, and fertility goals in TCM.

What Is TCM Fertility Treatment?

TCM Fertility Treatment

Infertility is defined as a man or woman's inability to conceive due to a problem with either partner's reproductive system.

Fertility problems can be either primary or secondary. Primary infertility happens when a person is unable to conceive. Meanwhile, secondary infertility is the inability to conceive after previous pregnancies have been successful.

TCM fertility treatment is compared to garden soil preparation. A seed can thrive better if given ample nutrients and water. 

By stimulating the circulation of vital nutrients and enhancing the functionality of the reproductive organs, acupuncture can be utilised to improve their performance.

Acupuncture points for fertility treatment in Malaysia are mostly found in the following areas:

  • Lower abdomen

  • Arms

  • Legs

These regions are linked to the three main reproductive organs, which are as follows:

  • Liver

  • Kidney

  • Spleen

Different Ways That Diet Will Impact Fertility

Different Ways That Diet Will Impact Fertility

Reproductive wellness is shaped by the complex relationships between our bodies' complex rhythms and the food we consume. Diet affects fertility in a variety of ways, from promoting hormonal balance and optimising food intake to fostering a harmonious internal environment.

So, let's take a look at the different ways that diet will impact fertility. 

Ensuring Balance

The notion of yin and yang in TCM refers to the opposing energies cooperating to bring harmony.

When all these factors are in harmony, your body can perform at its best. That being said, illness can arise from an imbalance.

The goal of the Chinese medicine diet is to keep the body's yin and yang balance intact by feeding it food high in nutrients that promote fertility. Foods classified as "yang" contain animal protein and certain spices, and they are typically warmer in nature. On the other hand, yin foods tend to be cooler and more vegetable- and fruit-based.

Therefore, couples hoping to conceive can improve their likelihood of success by consuming a balanced diet.

Qi Foods

Acupuncture stimulates certain points in the body. These points are called acupuncture points or acupoints. Meridians, which are energy paths, are where these spots are located. The body's meridians carry qi, or energy, throughout it. Qi can become stagnant or blocked, which can lead to pain or illness.

In general, eating warm, cooked foods is better for you than eating raw, cold foods because they are easier for your body to digest. Try to get the right amounts of complex carbohydrates, dark leafy greens, and lean, grass-fed protein. Additionally, seeds and nuts make nutritious snacks. 

Since every person is unique, speaking with a Chinese medicine practitioner can result in more tailored recommendations. Some foods strengthen our Qi, and some weaken it, such as: 

  • High level of caffeine

  • Processed meals 

  • Alcohol

  • Nicotine

Removing "Dampness" in the Diet

The Chinese Medicine Diet for Fertility places a strong emphasis on eating to prevent and get rid of "dampness."

Consuming foods that block your body's free-flowing energy stream can make you experience dampness. Foods that contribute to moisture, which in turn causes disease and pain, include: 

  • Cheese

  • Sugar

  • White wheat

  • Yoghurt

You'll know that dampness is a problem in your food if you suffer from the following:

  • Stomach issues

  • Swollen joints

  • Arthritis

  • Chronic allergies

  • Overweight

A nutritious diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, and non-gluten grains, such as the Chinese Medicine Diet, can help keep energy flowing smoothly, as does drinking plenty of water.

TCM Fertility Treatment At Doux Visage In Malaysia 

Women who are having problems with their gynaecology can get personalised care through Womb Care Therapy. TCM states that physiological changes in women occur in stages that span roughly seven years each.

To address problems with the womb, Doux Visage uses the following techniques to boost Qi and blood flow and bring the Yin-Yang balance back into balance:

  • TCM herbs

  • Tuina

  • Acupuncture

Embark on Your Fertility Journey with Doux Visage's Expertise!

Learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can have a profound effect on your fertility and reproductive health. At Doux Visage, our skilled medical professionals provide individualised TCM fertility treatments that are based on both modern technology and traditional knowledge. 

Schedule a consultation right away to get started on the path to fulfilling your fertility goals. Contact us at +603 7728 6113 or +6012 622 4868, or reach out to us today for a consultation! 

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