Best Natural Skin Care Treatment For Acne Skin Malaysia

Are you someone who is struggling with acne-prone skin? Skin conditions such as acne breakouts can affect a person significantly in terms of self-esteem or self-consciousness, but searching for effective treatments can also be frustrating. 


Many experts agree that there is no way to prevent acne, brought on by erratic hormone levels and other genetic effects. However, when combined with the right acne treatments, good hygiene practices and a healthy diet, the possibility of breakouts can be reduced remarkably. 


So, let's dive deeper into the steps and treatments you should be looking out for to improve your acne-prone skin. 


What's The Best Skin Care Routine?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acne occurs from an imbalance of heat or dampness. This is due to heat accumulation in the lung and stomach meridians, which are energy lines that run throughout the body and rise to the face. Therefore, the heat manifests as inflammation, such as redness and blemishes.


Additionally, dairy, fatty, chilly, and processed foods contribute to dampness or heat. According to experts, this causes oily skin. 


Other variables leading to severe acne include phlegm and qi deficit (poor energy). The ideal herbal acne treatment includes topical treatments, herbal teas, dietary supplements, and a healthy lifestyle.


Here are some skin care methods you can include in your daily routine if you struggle with acne-prone skin. 



Traditional Chinese and Western medicine agree that food significantly influences whether acne symptoms worsen or improve for practically all types of acne. Here are some dietary recommendations from TCM for treating acne.


- Eat mung beans: These beans are packed with protein and antioxidants and have vitamins that may minimise hormone irregularities.

- Avoid greasy and spicy foods: These foods are thought to play a role in the body's accumulation of heat or moisture.


Topical Remedies

Depending on the underlying cause of acne, TCM offers a variety of topical treatments. According to TCM, these are the best skincare herbs and topical acne treatments.


- Pearl cream: It is believed that using this topical cream would help clear skin bumps caused by acne and allow the blood to remove toxins.

- Liquorice root: According to TCM, this herb effectively removes heat and toxins, which is one of the causes of acne breakouts, from the body. In addition to being brewed as a tea, it can be used directly on regions prone to acne.

- Raw honey: In TCM, honey is frequently advised to be consumed with water, but it can also be applied topically. Combining raw honey with herbs to apply to the skin is an excellent option because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics.



Acne treatment with acupuncture involves inserting small needles into pressure points on the body. This procedure is thought to increase blood and energy flow, eliminate pollutants, and promote skin health. In TCM, acupuncture is frequently recommended to clear heat, drain moisture, and restore yin. 


Benefits of Natural Skin Care Treatment for Acne Skin

TCM organic skincare in Malaysia uses a safe and holistic approach to treating the issue and improving overall health. Typically, acupuncture and herbal remedies for internal and external use will be prescribed to revive and improve skin condition by re-establishing the body's natural equilibrium.


Here are some benefits of natural skin care treatment for acne skin.


Redness and swelling are reduced

By releasing Qi energy blockages through acupuncture, different acupoints on the body and face assist in restoring the body's imbalances.


Sebum production is reduced

Through TCM treatments, dampness accumulated in the body due to bad eating habits and lifestyle choices is removed.


Overall wellbeing is achieved by restoring balance to the various internal organs

Various herbs in TCM skin care treatment restore the physiological function of many internal organs and pathways.


Addresses the root cause of the issue

TCM uses natural medicine to treat the problem by addressing its underlying causes and primary factors.


Holistic approach

The herbs used in TCM skin treatment are organic and typically free of negative side effects or chemicals.


Natural Skin Care Treatment

The customised skin management procedures offered by Doux Visage address the underlying causes of acne, such as hormonal acne and teen acne. We combine Soft Laser (Healing laser), increased extraction technology, and acupuncture treatment to efficiently treat acne skin without leaving scars or post-blemishes.


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