Skin Management
Importance And Benefits Of Having Good Skincare

You may have heard the expression “preventing skin problems is easier and less costly than trying to fix them in the future,” and this is true!   To put it simply, having a good skincare routine helps your skin stay in good condition!An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles and help your skin be the best and he…

10 Jun 2022

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Skin Management
How Are Non-Surgical Face Slimming Treatments Done?

One of the most attractive and youthful features of a person's face is a well-defined jawline!While a strong square jawline and chin are desired in males, an attractive feminine face usually consists of a smooth, softer and rounder jawline and chin!   That's why a V-shaped face is regarded as beautiful as well as being a sign of youth!In th…

08 Jun 2022

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What Are Body Slimming Treatments And How Do They Work?

We’re all looking for the  magic pill, potion or treatment that will make us lose unwanted fat, inches, and cellulite.Here's the good news — there are plenty of body slimming treatments out there that can help you with that!   Today, non-surgical fat reduction treatments can selectively break down fat cells in specific…

06 Jun 2022

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How Acupuncture Works and Its Benefits

It might look painful, but many people have described acupuncture as a relaxing experience!   As a form of therapy to promote healing and treat a growing number of conditions, acupuncture is earning growing respect among the traditional medical community.In fact, millions of Malaysians are using acupuncture to treat a variety of health prob…

03 Jun 2022

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Traditional Chinese Medicine
Importance of TCM When Managing Fertility Issues

In Malaysia, we are pretty familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a form of boosting your health.In fact, there are numerous physicians and clinics that are especially helpful when Western medicine cannot adequately address!That's because TCM has been around for thousands of years. Today, it has become more recognised and has won over…

02 Jun 2022

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