About Us

Offering total body wellness, we feature a unique combination of Western and Eastern medical theories, applying the best techniques and equipment from both to a holistic individualised treatment plan.

About the Founder

From a humble beginning as a beauty therapist, our founder, Dr. Jenny Goh has constantly improved and upgraded her knowledge and skills as well as qualifications to become a qualified Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner today.

Dr Jenny Goh, PhD (Acupuncturist, TCM Practitioner) has 21 years of experience in the beauty industry since starting out in 1995 and 15 years’ experience in the field of TCM since 2003.

Dr. Goh graduated with her PhD (TCM, Acupuncturist) from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine focusing on hormones, stroke, cancer, cardiovascular and skin disease on June 23, 2017 and is currently undertaking her second PhD in TCM (Chinese Medicine) with a focus on cancer, dietetics and cardiovascular.

She firmly believes in addressing health issues both internally and externally. “To treat a person adequately, I have to address the fundamental problem behind the overall wellness issues- that was how I conceived the idea to include Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into regular Facial, Slimming and Total Body Wellness Treatments. Doux Visage® was born of this belief,” she shares. “Over the years, our values have never changed. Our corporate mission and vision are aligned to my belief that a marriage between Eastern methodology and Western technology is necessary for total body wellness.”


Combining the best of Western and Eastern medical theories results in treatments that promote well-being from the inside out. A sustainable concept, nevertheless there is room for growth. For us, it is a never-ending process to innovate, develop and improve, constantly putting together the latest knowledge, developments and technology to harness the best of East and West.

Introducing and Integrating

Acupuncture Treatment has been introduced as part of our treatments in stages. All our treatments and therapies contain both elements of Traditional Chinese and Western medical theories and we also use Western equipment as well as imported medical grade products to put together an individualized treatment plan for instant results in just one treatment.